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2 min read · May 14, 2023

Free Proofreading Certificate

Get a Free Proofreading Certificate

When you submit your manuscript for proofreading service, you can also receive a free proofreading certificate. This certificate provides evidence that your manuscript has been reviewed by our team of experts and meets industry standards for language accuracy.

proofreading certificate

What is a Proofreading Certificate?

A proofreading certificate is a document that certifies that a professional editor has reviewed and corrected errors in your manuscript. Our proofreading certificate includes important details such as the title of your paper, the names of the authors, the date of proofreading, and a QR code for validation.

Why Do You Need a Proofreading Certificate?

Many journals and publishers require authors to provide a proofreading certificate, especially if English is not their first language. Our proofreading certificate is accepted by all major publishers and journals and can increase your chances of getting published.

Will a Proofreading Certificate Guarantee Publication?

While we cannot guarantee publication, a proofreading certificate can help demonstrate the quality of your work to journal editors and increase your chances of getting published. Our team of experts focuses on correcting language errors so that journal editors can focus on the scientific content of your manuscript.

At ContentConcepts, we are committed to helping authors achieve their publishing goals. Contact us to learn more about our proofreading services and how we can help improve your manuscript.

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