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Editing and Proofreading Services India

  The proof of editing is in the reading.  
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Editing and Proofreading Services


"The secret of good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components. Every word that serves no function, every long word that could be a short word, every adverb that carries the same meaning that’s already in the verb, every passive construction that leaves the reader unsure of who is doing what—these are the thousand and one adulterants that weaken the strength of a sentence.”
William Zinsser in On Writing Well


Why should you choose our editing and proofreading services in India?

Our editors and proofreaders polish your document not only by just checking grammar and spelling. We carefully analyze your document according to your audience and edit the content to improve its:

• Organization
• Readability                                                   Get Quote
• Clarity
• Conciseness
• Consistency                                                         Samples
• Accuracy
• Presentation

The aim of any written document is to convey message to the reader. Our aim is not to butcher your writing, but help you communicate effectively with your readers.

The specialties in our editing and proofreading services include science editing, technical editing, and business editing.

Editing and proofreading - Quality assurance

In the process of editing and proofreading your documents, our academic editors take utmost care to preserve the intended meaning of the author. Also, we assure confidentiality of your documents.

We offer three levels editing services: copy editing, substantive editing, and developmental editing.

Academic editing and proofreading services

Our academic editing and proofreading services include thesis editing, manuscript editing, dissertation editing, book editing, essay editing, paper editing, article editing, resume editing, proposal editing, and cover letter editing.

Business editing and proofreading services

Our business editing and proofreading services include proposal editing, business plan editing, Website content editing, brochure editing, white paper editing, profile editing, and CV/resume editing.
Levels of editing

To know more about editing levels, see developmental editing, substantive editing, and copy editing
Academic editing sample - Science

Business editing sample - E-commerce

    Copy editing and proofreading services, India include manuscript editing, thesis editing, book editing, dissertation editing, English editing, science editing, academic editing, ESL editing  
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